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Mood board: Winter mauve

This month we look at our Marianne design in viola - muted teal greens paired with the softest mauves take on a new palette for November.

With the translucent overlaying of the Marianne design, it opens a window of tonal layers that work in harmony together. Add in a striking geometric with our Roxburgh velvet and it conveys from a pretty concept to a more contemporary palette. Rich teal and aubergine from our Cassia velvet adds a touch of luxuriousness as well as warmth.

Our paint range offers an array of tones from Deepest Plum to Chiffon Grey - all offering a diverse feeling and don’t forget, other colours and light will have an affect on what mauve you choose is perceived, so make sure you are using the right tone to get the affect you are after.

View our mauves here.

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