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Halfway between blue and red lies the colour purple. Warm, rich, luxurious and powerful, purple has a magical, mysterious quality, in all its corresponding shades. Historically, it has been seen as the colour of wealth, wisdom and spirituality.
The colour is as old as the lavender, lilac, violet and heliotrope plants that have coloured our gardens for thousands of years. Purple was the first colour to be made synthetically in 1856 – a shade called Mauveine, created from coal tar.
One of the most famous mauve rooms in the world is in the Alexander Palace, near St Petersburg, in Russia, where the Tsarina Alexandra commissioned a silk from Paris to match a sprig of lilac that her husband had given her.
The vivid hue covered the walls and furniture and even hung at the enormous windows. For many years it was the most celebrated room in Russia and it is still the room that most fascinates the visiting public.
Today, purple retain its air of nobility and splendour, but has also gained a following among modernists, who use it for its impact and depth. Yet it is the softer shades of this family that have been used most in interiors.
Purple has a nostalgic prettiness and we tend to use it with grey or black and white shown in our Zephrine & Padua fabric collections to rein in the sweetness.
Purple adds drama and depth and just a little touch of glamour to any room. How would you use purple in your home?

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